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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

AfA_OS and Vampire

Roger Andre Lassen

Posts 112
21 Feb 2019 20:14

Anyone using Afa_OS 4.8 together with Vampire ? If so, please leave a message on how you set it up. Having some issues :-)

I´m on Vampire V2+, Coffin R54 with 3.1.4 on top.

Renaud Schweingruber
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 336
23 Feb 2019 17:36

I just added c:morelibspace before SetPatch and disabled VisualPrefs/Birdie and such gimmicks.

Did not try it with 3.1.4

Roger Andre Lassen

Posts 112
23 Feb 2019 19:19

I tried the same. Although, you need afa_os_loader before iprefs aswell. No go. I´ll do some more testing. Thanks for answering.

Roger Andre Lassen

Posts 112
24 Feb 2019 21:13

Installed CoffinR54, then Afa_OS. Now i have some stuff working. Antializing works. But themes still wont work.

Anyone ?

Barana V

Posts 55
25 Feb 2019 01:35


posts 5