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This forum is for people interested in the APOLLO CPU.
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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

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Lord A1k

Posts 46
24 Feb 2020 12:54

I join AMike, same problem ->Keboard not works

Michael AMike

Posts 142
24 Feb 2020 13:37

Vladimir Repcak wrote:

  How much do these run for?

I recommend not to search on ebay - but in local classifieds. I bought mine for 60 Euro.

Andy Hearn

Posts 328
25 Feb 2020 10:05

could this be a thing for the V4 as well?
DIGITAL-VIDEO input, USB-C splitter cable into one power cable and one data cable - as per the demonstrated raspberry pi setup?

if so. all of a sudden i have an interest in a V4! :D

Martin White

Posts 85
25 Feb 2020 11:55

Out of the box I donít see how because the keyboard and mouse share 1 port so thatís either a dual device or a hub. But I agree, would be good if support could be added

Andy Hearn

Posts 328
25 Feb 2020 12:02

yeah i was thinking i couldn't remember the V4's base level support for hub based devices... providing the Keyboard works then at least be able to plug a mouse into another port on the V4

i've pre-ordered one anyway as it fits some other use cases i have in mind.

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