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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

More Stupid Questions :)

Knight Stone

Posts 119
30 Jan 2019 16:09

  thanks for taking the time to read this post, I'm kinda trying to piece info together, but sometimes the best thing, is just to ask.
  How do i tell what core is on my card, and what serial number it is? i am sure there is a way of doing this through software, as i dont want to remove the card, it's nice and stable.
  I think my core is Silver 2.5, and I know there is something about a cap upgrade to make it take the newer cores, i dont want to modify anything, so what is the best core i can run, on an A600 Vampire II, without modding it?

EDIT: i would like to be able to use a core with maprom functionality.

Andy Hearn

Posts 328
30 Jan 2019 16:19

I think the best thing to find out versioning info is download and extract the saga driver pack. there should be some things like:-
    these should get you the info you need
    as for the power mods. its a bit of "your milage may vary". I've had a Kipper made V600 since pre the Gold2 cores, and a majsta made V500. both have been solid as rocks no matter what I've flashed on there - with no mods applied.
    key point is flashed. it took a little bit of learning and a bit of being brave, but a USB blaster is your friend in these cases.
    if you find a core that doesn't play ball, go back to one that does. or even move forward even further. lots of people seem to be very happy with the 2.11 core that were having problems with the 2.10 or previous...
  both my vamps running 2.11

Knight Stone

Posts 119
30 Jan 2019 16:56

A quality, concise answer, thanks Andy.

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 4897
30 Jan 2019 17:39

Generally I would always recommend to upgrade to the latest GOLD 2.11 core.

On the Vampire Boot-Screen you can normally read the Core Version.

Knight Stone

Posts 119
01 Feb 2019 19:30

Thanks Gunnar

i get the little Amiga tune, but no boot screen. i will upgrade the core and go from there.


Andrew Miller

Posts 229
02 Feb 2019 07:36

Boot screen only shows on DIGITAL-VIDEO.

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