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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Update to Network Module Page for 2.2

Gordon Heydon

Posts 1
27 Jan 2019 01:17


I have been reading the networking howto page EXTERNAL LINK and I am unsure of 1 thing.

I have gotten the ethernet module and a cable for the vampire v2.2 500 and on the page I am unable to confirm which way the cable should be going around.

For the 2.0 the pin out if shown and also on the silkscreen I can see which pin is pin 1, but for the v2.2 there is nothing on the silkscreen or on the page above saying which way the cable needs to go around.

I am a little concerned that I may damage my vampire if the cable is incorrectly installed because the cable ends are on backwards or it improperly wired.

If you can attach/update the wiki page so I can confirm the correct way around.

Thanks in advance

Mike Kopack

Posts 268
27 Jan 2019 14:11

  On that page, look at the picture under 3b). If your ethernet module looks like that one, just orient both boards like in the picture and then hook up the cable the same way as shown. Worked for me (although I swapped the ends so the cable wasn't at such a weird angle). So long as the red wire is on the bottom you're fine.
  Hope this helps.

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