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Missing Sound Upon A600 Vampire II V2.1 Install

Ryan Stuart

Posts 3
01 Jan 2019 23:52

Good afternoon.

Recently I ordered and installed an A600 Vampire II v2.1 into my Amiga 600.  I have loaded a few games via floppy (non-gotek) and noticed that 1 to 2 voices seem to be "missing" or non-existent on music that was originally there.  I removed the Vampire, load the game (in this case Magic Pockets as the test), and the full music is present. 

My setup includes:
A600 with 150W switch mode power supply
Vampire II v2.1 (Core 2.11 x11 JIC flashed with USBBlaster)
A604n 1MB Memory expansion
AmigaForever 3.1 ROM

I removed the ROM and other items one by one to see if there was a individual contributing item but the Vampire seems to be the cause.  I even re-flashed to 2.10 x11 core to see if that fixed it but to no avail.

I searched a few other topics on this forum but nothing seemed to identify the issues that I was having, so I thought I'd reach out and see what others think.  Obviously there seems to be the re-capping issue on the Amigas but I have looked over my motherboard, to which there doesn't seem to be any supporting evidence of leaky capacitors.  Not to say this isn't the cause but I would like to exhaust other options before re-capping.

Marc Merz

Posts 2
02 Jan 2019 01:27

although I do not know if a ReCap solves your problem
but you should do it either way even if you do not see a leak
on a capacitor so the values ​​after 30 years certainly
not in the frame.
On my A600 the values ​​were also no longer correct
the problem with the capacitors is that the electrolyte
dries out over time.
Make a ReCap and see if you still have the bug.


Pedro Cotter
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 274
02 Jan 2019 10:43

does it work trough WHDload?

Pat 3657

Posts 40
02 Jan 2019 23:59

My best guess is a compatibility issue with those particular games.
  Many games programmed for OCS/ECS-7MHz Amigas tend to have problems (glitches, timing, crashes, gurus) when running on accelerated Amigas.
  e.g. "Push Over" has similar audio issues like skipping samples and distorted music.
  You should definitely try WHDLoad. Vampires are not made for floppy games...

Ryan Stuart

Posts 3
03 Jan 2019 02:50

I have installed WHDload but haven't tried any games yet.  I will give this a shot, see what happens, and report back.  Thanks for the advice so far!

Teemu Korvenpää

Posts 26
04 Jan 2019 07:06

Using 040 or higher in Amiga you can forget floppy games :)

Whdload has fixes and options  to solve these clitches

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 4886
04 Jan 2019 09:10

WHDLOAD is a good idea for running old games

Another trick that you can do - is to turn OFF the CPU caches.
This will slow the CPU down and then some buggy games which can not handle fast CPUs will run better.

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