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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Vampire V2.0 Power & Video Out Fix

Christopher Spitzner

Posts 5
12 Nov 2018 10:05

I have an Vampire 600 V2.0 from Majsta. On weekend I made the C3 & C6 Power Fix and also the Video Fix. On Majstas Page I read that there´s a better solution for the Power Fix.
Here the Text from Majstas Page:

"There was much better solution I did in final production. Solution was very slick and did the job perfectly. C3 and C6 capacitors were replaced with 22uF values, but real fix happened on bottom side of the card replacing 0805 100nF ceramic capacitors with 22uF 0805 ones. This ensured more power to the FPGA and real professional production could start."

I changed C3&C6 with 22uF and want to do the same on the bottom side. But which one should I replace? Only C63,C64,C65,C66 or C32,C33,C34,C35 too?

The Video out Fix works perfect!
Now I have a stable Picture in Higher Resolutions without the Black Screen. I was able to test the Vampire Demo, before the Fix my Monitor turned on and off the whole Time.

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 4840
12 Nov 2018 10:30

Christopher Spitzner wrote:

I changed C3&C6 with 22uF and want to do the same on the bottom side. But which one should I replace? Only C63,C64,C65,C66 or C32,C33,C34,C35 too?

Personally, I would not replace but solder the extra cap on top.
You can upgrade this way as many as you like.

Chris T.

Posts 118
08 Dec 2018 19:53

Christopher Spitzner wrote:

  I changed C3&C6 with 22uF 

What Kind of capacitors and voltage have you used?22uF 0805, which voltage? Thanks in Advance.

Igor Majstorovic
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 343
09 Dec 2018 09:52

Like shown on pictures on my site just add 2 electrolytic capacitors, that's the easiest solution if you don't have hot air soldering station. Add something like 220uF 10V or more.

Chris T.

Posts 118
09 Dec 2018 12:23

Igor, you mean 22uF not 220 uF? Got you now. Means this would be the easiest but uggliest solution hahaha...I really have to get in Deep with that soldering Things!! Now depending what Kind of skills my colleague has, we will try to manage it.

Sean Sk

Posts 373
09 Dec 2018 13:09

No. He means 220uF.

Chris T.

Posts 118
09 Dec 2018 15:15

Thank you. The community is helping itself :-) But I thought that already.Nevertheless a confirmation is Always useful and much appreciated.

Christer Sigfrids

Posts 6
30 Apr 2020 01:56

I just removed my v600 v2, and im attending to put it back in place with a 3D printed frame to make it stable once and for all. I like killed 1 or 2 sockets becouse of it wobling around the 68000.

But before that im going to make the last hardware mods on it becouse i intend to have it permanent placed in in my A600 and never touch it again.

I got the right tools and im asking for which caps to change.
I already made the c3 and c6 mod. What left is the hdmi mod

With all respect i understand that the caps might not be super important. But im willing to change them anyway. Incase it disturbs any new cores in the future.

Soo im looking at C30-C34 and C63-C66.

The 30 i understand it might not needed to change. But anyway.

Which one is it and is there any other mod i should do before i glue it with epoxy and swap a duct tape around the whole motherboard? 🤔

posts 8