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Vampire 600 V2.1 SD Card Issue

Allan Versaevel

Posts 61
27 Oct 2018 17:24

          I just installed my recently purchased Vampire 600 V2.1. Everything works OK except for the SD Card reader. I successfully have it mounted and I am using a 32 GB SD card. The issue is when copying files to it, such as Directory Opus, I will randomly be greeted with a pop up window that the drive has been removed and to re-insert it. I can click on Retry and the file transfer will continue. This can occur several times during the file transfer process. I have tried re-seating the card several times to no avail. I am using the 2.11 core with OS 3.1.4 flashed. Even if I copy from the Shell, the same issue occurs so I doubt it is application related.
          If anyone has seen this type of behavior or has any suggestions, let me know. I hope there is nothing wrong with it, like I said everything else works fine.
          In the meantime, I will try a different SD card as well as a non-Coffin OS installation.

Alex K.

Posts 14
27 Oct 2018 19:06

Release the SD card with the command vcontrol SD=... (0-maximum transfer, 255-slowest) for me without error works on SD=3

Allan Versaevel

Posts 61
27 Oct 2018 22:50

Thanks for the response. Switching to a 32 GB Sandisk SD card seems to have helped. My previous card was a Lexar branded model. If I have any issues in the future I will try using the Settings you recommended.
Thanks again.

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