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Compatible Case for Amiga 500 & Pluspage  1 2 3 4 

Ameno Phis

Posts 19
08 May 2018 08:57

Daniel Sevo wrote:
  The keycaps still aren't ready, can't we just add more keycap orders now? .../... 

Thank you for your support Sevo,

Sadly no, it's not as simple as that.

You see, all material has been ordered for the keycaps production.
Ordering more plastic pellets in our specific colors would delay keycaps production for at least 3 extra months.

You surely understand we can't afford that.

Most of the time, consumers don't really see all aspects of industrial production.
Plastic industry is quite complicated for everything.

Since we need to run another campaign for Amiga keycaps (+60 days), then update production roster and material needed (+90 days), we'd see production for keycaps delay by another 150 days.

No sure everybody would agree with that :)

Thank you again Sevo.

Ameno Phis

Posts 19
11 May 2018 07:50

    Thank you for your support guys!
    Two things will happen this week end:
      1- Campaign will cross the $100K mark
      2- A new LIVE STREAM by Sunday afternoon 5pm (Paris time)  simultaneously on -
    Youtube : EXTERNAL LINK 
    Facebook : EXTERNAL LINK     
      The campaign is still withing range to reach its goal, so all backers are welcome to join in so the team can get the molds done and all backers to get their cases :D
    Thank you for your support, even 1x Case can make a difference.

Roman S.

Posts 140
12 May 2018 18:31

ameno phis wrote:

  1>> We already got the case - we just need it to be actually produced.
  New A1200 Cases have been produced for Amigastore already.
  They're on their way now.

I wander how much time it will take them to reach the store - they are still not available.

Captain Zalo

Posts 59
12 May 2018 20:00

Oy Phil!
I've mentioned earlier that a miniITX adapterboard for Vampire Standalone with breakouts to ATX backplane and an SFX/ATX adapter would be awesome. Any Vamp standalone-user would be able to choose whichever case they see fit (be it maxitowers, cubes, desktop, set-top or fanless boxes).

Do you think such a package would be a viable kickstarter for your crew?

Ameno Phis

Posts 19
14 May 2018 05:53

Hi Guys,

The campaign is now @105K$

We need your support, more Amigans willing to make this happen.

Contribute to this Amiga event so that we can create new A500 molds and send you a new A500 case!
Thank you for your support :)

@Captain Zalo,

We have other projects ;)


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