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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Warning : Vampire V500 In A2000 Using Slot-adaptorpage  1 2 

John William

Posts 467
28 Aug 2019 00:42

Guys understand that the V500 was designed as an accelerator for the Amiga 500! THAT IS THE AMIGA 500'S ACCELERATOR..it was not build in mind for Amiga 2000/Amiga 1000..the fact it works 100% on these two other models is a miracle and a bonus to you guys that you should be thankful and not complain it doesn't meet a certain narrative. That in mind...like Gunnar said..this is an AMIGA 500 ACCELERATOR designed to replace the AMIGA 500 CPU....for the AMIGA 500!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Ahem...so any usage of the third party add-on resulting in frying your Amiga or Vampire by not following Gunnar's warning and not following his instruction to the tea...to the inner bottom cup of that tea...then the fault is exclusively on that user and the team are NOT LIABLE for any damages that occur. If you don't have an Amiga model yet and you want to use the V500...and you don't know what your doing...use the accelerator for it's true intention when it was first made and get yourself an Amiga 500 model and install it there...the way it intended from the first place. You wish to go wild and take risks...then use it on A2000 or A1000 and it is in your own. Gunnar have done his job and gave all warnings and instructions...

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