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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Extended Roms

Michael Nurney

Posts 281
13 Nov 2017 18:56

hi all,

As the Vampire takes over ROM control from the Amiga , i expect that the A570 & CDTV will not work ( i haven't tried yet) but if this is the case will any firmware update allow the 570 & CDtv to work with the Vampire in the future ...

The town with no name needs a vampire.. ;-)


Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 770
13 Nov 2017 19:07

Only built in CD/DVD needs a bit of love.
  No other reasons why Vamps would not work on CDTV board, beside a bit of space constrains.
  Note: It seems current core needs an update, but not much work
  Vamp in CDTV
  Majsta answer dec 2016
Hopefully, mapROM feat might enable loading CDTV ROM.

Krzysztof Wojteczek

Posts 25
16 Nov 2017 07:47

It works but in A500 mode only. In CDTV mode it freezes on Vampire boot screen.

Michal Warzecha

Posts 209
16 Nov 2017 13:25

And about this love we ask :)
It could be nice do see Worbench in high resolution via DIGITAL-VIDEO and use super-slow CD-ROM on CDTV. This model is one of my favourite, but there is almost no any working Turbo for it in CDTV mode

Krzysztof Wojteczek

Posts 25
21 May 2018 12:57

Please, can smebody from Team answer if issue of CDTV bootroms will be solved? Is it so hard to do it?

Michal Warzecha

Posts 209
21 May 2018 15:38

Few months ago Gunnar said team will look at this, but now anoter things need to be done. And I understand that, even if my soul cry, my CDTV is still waiting too :)

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