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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

A600 V2 Mounting Problems :-(

Frans Laursen Rasmussen

Posts 7
19 Oct 2017 06:15

Hi all.

As subject say's, i'm having problems with the mounting of my A600 v2 vampire that i bought from Kipper2k. It simply won't stay fixed to the motherboard, ( it's that solution with the 2 white plastic pieces and 4 small screws).
I have tried to reach Kipper to buy the new solution with the long thin screws, but so far no luck.

Is it possible that i can buy it somewhere else??  if so where?

Thanks in advance for any help

Kind regards,
Frans L Rasmussen, aka Ramaza

Jerome Tredez

Posts 7
19 Oct 2017 07:21

You can drill spacers holes and use nuts and bolts M1.6/16mm like EXTERNAL LINK and EXTERNAL LINK  You can also print this spacer: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2012783/
I use both and the result: EXTERNAL LINK

Frans Laursen Rasmussen

Posts 7
19 Oct 2017 07:41

Hi Jerome.
  Thx for your reply, i have seen that solution before and i'm sure it works fine.
  But as we know, kipper made an other solution that doesn't require us drilling or printing, and all i want to know is where i can buy those 2 screws and nuts and the spacer.

Jerome Tredez

Posts 7
19 Oct 2017 08:05

The other solution from kipper is to only use 2 screws and nuts without a spacer. You can buy them from the links I given.
The video kipper made is here: EXTERNAL LINK

Michael Nurney

Posts 281
19 Oct 2017 08:56

Just find the smallest screws with nuts that you can of a suitable length.most DIY shops will have something ... The spacer is to prevent over tightening and bending the board but a visible check should suffice. Also the supplied spaces should work just fine.

Frans Laursen Rasmussen

Posts 7
19 Oct 2017 09:18

Hi all.

thx for all the help and input, i'm going same route as Jerome, just ordered the M1.6 bolts and nuts from eBay, sadly there aren't any retailers in Denmark with that small bolts, not unless i want to buy 1000 at a time :-)

Nixus Minimax

Posts 416
19 Oct 2017 09:31

Use sanding paper and sand the socket down until the metal pins inside the socket are flush with the edge of the socket. The socket will stay in place without any screws (which you should use nonetheless to keep it in place even with heating-cooling cycles and vibrations caused by external sources).

Martin Soerensen

Posts 232
19 Oct 2017 10:15

Doing a good clean of the pins of the 68k CPU will also help the accelerator stick better, but due to tolerances it is not always possible to make it stay without using screws. In my 600, it can stay without screws (it was impossible before I cleaned the CPU pins), although it can still come off if the machine is bumped or I pull a bit too much in the DIGITAL-VIDEO cable, so I am using the screws that was provided with the Vampire. Never had it come off with those in place.
When you lock it down with the screws, take good care to not bend the Vampire PCB as it can snap the solder pads beneath the FPGA, thus killing the board..

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 770
19 Oct 2017 12:04

Frans Laursen Rasmussen wrote:

  As subject say's, i'm having problems with the mounting of my A600 v2 vampire that i bought from Kipper2k. It simply won't stay fixed to the motherboard, ( it's that solution with the 2 white plastic pieces and 4 small screws).

  It can in most cases. As advised, cleaning 68k pins is good start.
  Dans video review starting 05:50 gives a good guide
  If properly done, its quite enough not to pop up.
Properly done = using both screws and white supporters.
  Only handyman beside kipper is Majsta, you can find Igor Majstorovic on Facebook EXTERNAL LINK 

Frans Laursen Rasmussen

Posts 7
19 Oct 2017 21:39

Hi Vojin.

I have struggled with this problem for almost 18 months now, i have tried all kinds of solutions, but it still pops of again and again, i'm at a friends place and he has a 3d printer, so we tried something new, we made a new support thing, but we made it longer so it supportes almost 4 cm on the vampire card, at the end with the socket.
For now it's sitting there solid and stable, been running now for 3-4 hrs and no problem so far.
I have ordered new M1.6 screws and nuts, so i just hope it can hold it together until then

Mr-Z EdgeOfPanic

Posts 185
20 Oct 2017 13:15

With the M1.6 screws it should stay on nice&tight.
Kipper also used those on later V600 by default.
I assembled an A600+v2 for a friend with this and it never popped off.

Jean-Baptiste Bolcato

Posts 53
28 Sep 2018 17:37

Hi all, similar situation with my vampire keeps popping off my A600 at any minor vibration...
It's a brand new one from Amigastore.eu so unsure if it needs sanding. I cleaned all the contacts which improved things a little but still not ideal.

Could someone clarify that "sanding" procedure? A before/after photo or howto video would go a long way for all users really. A lot of the links in older topics seem to go dead.

Are you talking simply about the flat bottom of the socket? Weird as for me the socket is easily sitting up 1mm away from the motherboard when snapped onto the processor. Not sure what it would change to make it "shorter"? Can anyone share a photo or a link to a video?
Unless we're talking about drilling deeper that hole in the socket, so let it wrap "deeper" onto the 68000?

Also I assume that as soon as I sand anything I lose my warranty/ability to return my card as non compatible with my setup? (it could well be my A600's 68000 socket being dodgy - but the computer itself is recapped and works fine otherwise)


Mr Niding

Posts 448
28 Sep 2018 18:26

Have you tried fitting the Vampire without the 2 plastic supports that are used to hold the card?

It was suggested to me that these might be very slightly too high, and preventing the socket to get a firms connection.

Jean-Baptiste Bolcato

Posts 53
29 Sep 2018 06:37

Yep, gave up on those. On the left side the cpu/socket combo seems higher than the support. Waiting for the 3D printed support frame from eBay.
Any details about that sanding thing anyone?

Adam Whittaker
(Needs Verification)
Posts 270/ 1
29 Sep 2018 08:55

I use a bead of hot glue to hold it firm to the board its been on for 6 months now and is still perfect! and being hot glue totally reversable.

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