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Information about the Apollo CPU and FPU.

Awesome Sweet AGA At Works

John William

Posts 460
15 Jul 2017 23:31

Here is an awesome sweet AGA at works

this is running on Amiga 500!!!

Szyk Cech

Posts 191
16 Jul 2017 06:02

Login to FB required...

Nicolas Sipieter
(Needs Verification)
Posts 115/ 1
16 Jul 2017 09:10

could post the video elsewhere, i'm avoiding facebook like the plague it is.


John William

Posts 460
16 Jul 2017 12:20

I get the feeling you guys are not watching the video because of facebook

Aksel Andersen

Posts 112
16 Jul 2017 12:57

Yup :)

Chris Holzapfel

Posts 51
16 Jul 2017 13:41

nope ;)

Nicolas Sipieter
(Needs Verification)
Posts 115/ 1
16 Jul 2017 13:46

thanks for putting the video on dropbox instead.
i've now watched it.
it's ultima7 running on vampire / apollo.
seems to run nice, although the video just show 30sec of it.
the apollo team is doing very good work.

Thomas Blatt

Posts 164
16 Jul 2017 17:56

I saw the video too. IT is ultimate 7 running fast in the Vampire2

posts 8