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Order Not Received

Alan Kerjeana

Posts 5
03 Dec 2023 16:39


I let to Apollo shop team lots of messages. In fact, I never received my order : #11509. UPS never deliver me so, Apollo shop answer me but now and for weeks now, no news. Can you tell them to resend me the goods or refund me.

Thank you.

Alan Kerjean

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 6196
03 Dec 2023 19:06

Salut Alan,

How are you?
i was told, there were delivery attempts made to the address you provided. And i was told that no one was there to accept the delivery therefore it could not be full filled.
Could this be the problem?
As far as I know, UPS does always make 3 delivery attempts.
If all 3 fail, then UPS will return the goods.
Can you make sure that someone is their to accept the packet from UPS? Please note that UPS will not leave a packet in front
  of the door step.
I think the shop was asking you for an address where someone will be able to accept the packet. Can you help the shop and give an address at which a person is able to receive the packet?

Mirijam Wagner
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 18
04 Dec 2023 08:24

Hi Alan, Gunnar is right, exact that was the problem.
I just send you a private Email.
I hope we will find a solution!
best greetings Miri

Eric Villain

Posts 1
04 Dec 2023 22:12

Good evening
for my part UPS is lousy as a distributor, my v4 sa+ they threw it over my gate while I was opening my gate and no excuse and the 2nd package they left it in my neighbor's box while you have the good adress. It's a shame not to have the choice of a distributor.

Kamelito Loveless

Posts 258
11 Dec 2023 07:29

Customers should fill complains to UPS every time this happens.

Alan Kerjeana

Posts 5
13 Dec 2023 18:00

Hi everyone,

My goods are on the road again ;-). UPS = I think they are not a good deliver option but things are like that.
Thanks apollo team ! .
I'm waiting and I'll give news here about goods.


Alan Kerjeana

Posts 5
16 Dec 2023 12:19

My parcel has finally arrived a few days ago. UPS delivered my goods directly into my letter box... They all the time say that it's impossible for them to put goods in the letter box... They never come to knock my door. So UPS is not good at all..
Thank to Apollo team.

posts 7