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Assembler - Color Registers In SAGA Mode Screens

Andi Friede

Posts 8
02 Jun 2023 01:04

Dear Amiga and Vampire Lovers,

I am a proud owner of a brand new V4 Standalone machine.

In former days I Had an Amiga 500 and with the new V4 I want to dive again into Assembler programming with the nee 68080 CPU and the fantastic new SAGA chipset.

I never had any experience with rtg modes or gfx boards an Amiga.
So maybe this is now a silly question I have.
If so - please forgive me...

My question is:
ON native Amiga Screens the following Code works in Assembler to Change the Background color:
E.g. move.w #$ff0,$dff180
To See an effect I simply do it in a Loop and wait for left mouse click.

But in SAGA/rtg modes this doesnt Work. Simply No Change of color.

Can it be done in some way?
Or can please someone help me to get started with direct color settings in SAGA Screen modes?

Any hints would bei deeply appreciated.

Thanx in advance for Reading...

Amiga rulz!!!


Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 6193
02 Jun 2023 13:21

Hallo Andi,

yes you can do this
Please look here:


Andi Friede

Posts 8
02 Jun 2023 17:49

Hi Gunnar !

Thank you very much for the hint/Link :-)
I will Take a Look at this.

Best regards

posts 3