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PFS3 Read Error - Coffin 6.2

Szuecs Gabor

Posts 5
19 Apr 2023 06:06

Has anyone else noticed a PFS read error under Coffin 6.2? Maybe I need to update the ICEDRAKE kernel?
As soon as I tried to optimize the read speed, the next startup showed a read error and the system would not start.

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 6196
19 Apr 2023 07:29

Several remarks:

PFS does not immediately write to disk.. but it delays writes.
This delay can be many seconds.
Because of this if your machine crashes or you turn the computer off, it could be that writes were not finished.

As you know Amiga Demos and Games very often disable the OS off.
This means if you run games or demos its could happen that the game /demo disables the OS and any not yet written delayed write gets lost.

Regarding IDE speed.
Not all devices support maximum speed.
You should start with FASTSPEED=1 and see if this runs stable for you. If it does then can increase to FASTSPEED=2 and see if this runs stable for, and so on. Find this way out which speed is the maximum stable for your system.

Szuecs Gabor

Posts 5
20 Apr 2023 06:00

Thank You! If it fails at a higher level and throws an error on boot, how can I restore format + copy system instead?

I haven't had an Amiga in 25 years, I forgot a lot of things... :-)

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