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Apollo OS and CF PCMCIA Drivers

Richard John Jones

Posts 5
04 Mar 2023 00:18

Hi. I've installed the latest compactflash.device, cfo and fat95 from Aminet for a CF PCMCIA adapter in Apollo OS 9.2. It isn't coming up when inserted. Is there some other system at work in Apollo OS or for PCMCIA this is the thing to do? Thanks. Icedrake A1200.

Richard John Jones

Posts 5
07 Mar 2023 08:34

The Icedrake doesn't boot apart from flashing green bar at bottom of screen when the PCMCIA adapter is in while booting. Is this a motherboard issue or configuration mismatch? The micro SD card is fine but dissapears if CF0: flag is set to 1 rather than 0. Other notes: the caps led doesn't light up at all and U43, U46 on the mobo are hot.
  Icedrake can't find Apollo CF HDD if external DF1: connected.
  Thanks Gunnar great card/OS otherwise.

Richard John Jones

Posts 5
12 Mar 2023 00:59

I've updated the Icedrake core to 9.2 to match the 9.2 Apollo OS dstro. It was 9.0. Boots quicker but the dock takes ages to load now and sometimes not responding.
  On trying the pcmcia adapter I get a screen full of sawtooth static and lockup. Same with the SD card initially but I think that's ok.
  I have sound issues. Games and videos are fine. MOD's and MP3's etc are low volume, distorted and crackling. Asyncio.library was missing so AmigaAmp didn't work. Installed.  I installed mpega060fpu.library. No change to the distortion. It seems mpega040fpu.library was installed.
  I'm still wondering about my odd 2B motherboard. no pcmcia with hot u46, u46 and no caps-led.

Tim Trepanier

Posts 132
12 Mar 2023 01:21

Apollo OS, including the newly released v9.3, doesn't support the PCMCIA port. You need an Amiga OS based ROM for this. You can use a current Apollo Boot to easily set this up but i would wait a little while for the next Apollo Boot release.

I recommend you use IceDrake core 9234 from this page:
CLICK HERE  IceDrake core 9284 is also listed as an Alpha core. It has more features but isn't as stable/green.

Richard John Jones

Posts 5
12 Mar 2023 11:34

Ok Thanks for the information. Core 9234 is the one I have from the main downloads page.

Alexander Gent

Posts 74
03 Apr 2023 02:03

Hi Richard,

I am having the same issue on my Amiga 600 MantiCore.
When I plug a CF Card into my PCMCIA port, the Amiga crashes.
It doesn't matter if I boot into the workbench or bypass the startup-sequence and try to mount manually, the same thing always happens.

However I have a Telmex ATAPI PCMCIA drive and that works perfectly with ApolloOS 9.3.


Richard John Jones

Posts 5
30 Apr 2023 10:23

Hi Alexander. As I have experienced the same illogical outcome with a cf pcmcia adapter and an external fdd, I can only believe that the port and indeed motherboard configurations are a broad standard and differing peripheral deign architectures result in equally different engagements of the basic design.
  Sorry for the late response, I haven't been checking the Apollo forum as I've been trying to make an Alinea Omniport (w/microsd) connect to the Icedrake. No luck with an DIGITAL-VIDEO connection so I reverted to cables and a foam housing which does the job.

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