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V4net.device Problems On IceDrake

Jens Weichert

Posts 13
15 Mar 2022 13:02

Hey team,

I get freezes with IceDrake on my A1200 at reconnecting after disconnecting (WHDLoad usage). Also FUSION wont boot when v4net.device is connected (network interface isn‘t configured in FUSION)

Any other have this problems?

Son Goku

Posts 38
15 Mar 2022 20:55

which version are you using?

Steven Hachel

Posts 9
19 Mar 2022 23:17

i can confirm, when reconnecting over MiamiDX.


Szuecs Gabor

Posts 5
15 Apr 2023 07:22

Unfortunately, I could comment either in Hungarian or German, but even so, I prefer to speak only medical jargon... Jokes aside.
  I translate my question with Deep L, maybe it's understandable. It translates excellently into English.
  I bought an excellent ICEDRAKE card. I use it with Coffin R62. Excellent little system!
  I have only one problem. There may be more. :-)
  When loading games with WHDLoad, the system freezes. Would that shut down the network. I use Roadshow. It is registered. By the way, it makes its job.
  I have noticed that it freezes because of the script "rx" run in the WHDLoad prefs.
  Unfortunately, I didn't check what makes this script work, as it worked without problems in one of the installations. I have taken two screenshots with Snoopdos (with a mobile phone, not the best, but you can see). One with the ICEDRAKEs, the other with the UAE emulator (interestingly it runs perfectly :-( ).
  Any ideas?
  Thanks if you take the time to solve my problem.

Szuecs Gabor

Posts 5
15 Apr 2023 07:25

How can I attach a picture here? Only with an external link?

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 6196
19 Apr 2023 08:55

Szuecs Gabor wrote:

How can I attach a picture here? Only with an external link?

You can easily upload pictures in our Discord support channel
Please join it

posts 6