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Information about the Apollo CPU and FPU.

Brand New Vampire V4 Stand Alone With Apollo

Danny Welch

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29 Nov 2021 04:00

I powered my V4 stand alone for the first time using Apollo OS (KS 51.51, WB 40.0). Afterwards I had a show stopping problem. On firstboot the OS launched "Input Preferences" (InputMUI). When I selected American and clicked [SAVE] it tried to load Canadian Francias instead and crashed. If I rebooted it would crash in a continuous loop. In response, I rebooted without a startup sequence. However, I could not launch ResetPrefs without creating a failsafe startup-sequence that only loaded datatypes, created the RAM drive et cetra. After I reset the Prefs, I selected American and clicked [USE] instead. Afterwards, I was able to finish configuring the machine.  A failsafe startup-sequence might be a useful addition, even after fixing the issues with InputMUI panel. I couldn't figure out how to reset the Prefs at the command line. I hope this might be useful information for both the developers and users. I can easily recreate the problem.

posts 1