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Information about the Apollo CPU and FPU.

Coffin R59

Mark Breckell

Posts 15
13 Oct 2021 16:37

Hi just wondering if anybody has a link for Coffin R59 the website seams to be down.

Hugo Pereira

Posts 68
13 Oct 2021 19:33

Hi Mark,
Coffin R59 (30/08/2021)

Mark Breckell

Posts 15
13 Oct 2021 19:48

Thanks Hugo  :)

Jeremy Buza

Posts 14
11 Nov 2021 17:42

Thanks as well, I didn't realize they were still releasing CoffinOS for the 68K add-on cards, thought R58 was the final one.  I'm downloading via my Put.IO account and leaving it there for a while, so hopefully that will help availability a bit more for the torrent.

posts 4