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Coffin R56 + Latest V2 V550 2.14 Don't Boot

Patrik Rendel

Posts 25
17 Jun 2021 19:38

i have a V500 V2.2 and i flashed the latest Core from here:

My OS i use is Coffin r56.

After installing the latest core my OS don't boot anymore.

If i put out my Card with the OS and hold down the right Shift Key, then i get the ApolloOS Screen on TV but since the flash DIGITAL-VIDEO dont work anymore. I can do what i want.

Any solutions?

Patrik Rendel

Posts 25
17 Jun 2021 19:50

This thread can be closed.

I found the problem. i had to load the aros-rom with the startup-sequence. I didn't used it but with the new core i have to use it or Coffin won't boot anymore.

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