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Information about the Apollo CPU and FPU.

"APOLLO SHIELD" Memory Protectionpage  1 2 3 

Peter Slegg

Posts 22
27 Sep 2021 16:43

Where does this sit with a 68060 mmu implementation ?

DiscreetFX Studios

Posts 107
19 Dec 2021 03:53

I always knew AmigaOS had a superior pizza delivery service. On a serious note thanx for developing Apollo-Shield. It looks like a great tool for developers. Iíve been a Linux Application Support Engineer for many years in the FinTech space but I still prefer AmigaOS and ApolloOS for my part time DiscreetFX development work at home. They are my favorite and just seem more exciting and fun. Linux is for work. Thatís just my opinion and others maybe feel differently.

Leszek Antyborzec

Posts 1
21 Dec 2021 11:22

It would be very useful to me.
Will it also be available in V2?

Peter Persson

Posts 3
16 May 2022 13:34

This is highly interesting in the context of Atari virtualisation/emulation of key hw registers, and possibly also memory protection for the FreeMiNT kernel (which unlike doesn't require address translation; all that's needed is a way to change the list of "forbidden" memory when switching contexts).

There are also other uses for it. The 030 pmmu was used for other stuff such as keeping track of writes to memory locations without having to go through an exception, for example. This could be highly useful if supported too (doesn't Shapeshifter use this feature for screen emulation?).

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