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Information about the Apollo CPU and FPU.

Which Graphics to Use

Daniel D

Posts 1
13 Mar 2021 15:32


I recently received my V4SA and I've started to code in assembler.

I'm interested in coding graphics, and I've been reading on the forum and wiki about it.

But I'm still a bit unclear as to which kind of graphics is the most modern, so to speak.

So if I want to make games, demos etc, and only aiming for ApolloOS on V4SA, what should I use to really make use of the possibilities of the Vampire?

SAGA planar or chunky, cyber graphics, P96, any other options available?

Bartek Kuchta

Posts 44
14 Mar 2021 14:27

Hi Daniel,

Congratulations on getting the V4SA and reviving the Amiga!

This is exactly what we talk about now on the Apollo Team Discord server! Please join using this link:


posts 2