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Information about the Apollo CPU and FPU.

Trouble Creating Account and Logging In

Mr C

Posts 1
02 Feb 2020 02:48

  I have tried to create an account with 2 valid email addresses. Each time it says the account was created. When I try to log in it says it can't find the account with those credentials. It also said an account activation email would be sent to the email address but I didn't find any email (checked spam also). If I try and create the account again with the same email addresses it says the account exists and the password has been re-sent to the email address (I don't get the email). I have tried with Firefox, Opera and Chrome browsers.
  I have created this current account with an invalid email address and it allowed me to log in without activation.
  Can someone please help me create a proper account?
  Eventially I am interested in purchasing a V4 Standalone (not currently as I have no job) and I would like to post on some topics.
  Another thing, the login is not using https so the password is sent  unencryted, this seems like a bad idea to me.
  A while back when I first had problems I sent an email to the listed email for contact and didn't hear back.

posts 1