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Writing 3D Engine for 68080 In ASMpage  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 

Vladimir Repcak

Posts 354
02 Mar 2020 13:11

Looks like I rewrote from scratch over 90% so far. Almost nothing remains from original Jaguar codebase.

Which also means no fixed addresses, as I'm sure plenty folks will be happy to hear.

Quick update:
- Lasershots handling rewritten, they now follow the track elevation too
- Enemies AI and handling rewritten
- Menus/HUD/Background rewritten

Right now I have a working first level that is finished from start to end using my unit testing framework (auto_strafe and auto_shoot).
Enemies are properly spawned, they attack, withdraw, attempt to flee and shoot.
Their RPG parameters are properly assigned, based on the Area and Level and they are spawned as required.

I can go implement an input now. My SpeedLink joystick has arrived, but I guess I first need a keyboard input working anyway.

Vladimir Repcak

Posts 354
02 Mar 2020 13:17

Vladimir Repcak wrote:

  Looks like benchmarks on HW will have to wait a month.
  I waited a week for the micro SD card extension cable. It finally arrived yesterday along with the SanDisk 16 GB card and a PC reader.
  Unfortunately, the extension connector is so wide , I had to take out both DIGITAL-VIDEO and a power cable. Neither will fit afterwards.
  Obviously, after what I read about broken pins in other thread, I won't abuse the connector dozens of times a day with the SD card directly.
  Does anybody have a tested extension cable that will fit between DIGITAL-VIDEO and power cable?
  Also, will my 16 GB SD card work? It was the smallest Amazon had...

Another bump.

Nobody has an SD card extension cable that physically fits ? I find that hard to believe.

I didn't expect to get this far just using an emulator. But, at least now I know a separate 68060 (and highly likely also 68040) version is realistic. After all, my current code uses 68040 as a target, instructions-wise.

Vampire will still have exclusive 3D assets, as I don't think I want a low-fps 68060 version...

Stefano Briccolani

Posts 501
02 Mar 2020 16:52

Can you share a screenshot or a little video of your progress so far?

Vladimir Repcak

Posts 354
03 Mar 2020 19:01

Stefano Briccolani wrote:

Can you share a screenshot or a little video of your progress so far?

My camera holder arrived last week too, so I should be able to record a video using my cell phone and upload it to YT. I got a $200 60fps vid external capture device, but it blue-screens with my workstation, so that's impossible to use.

My Keyboard Input seems to be working so I am able to steer the ship and shoot, looks like my auto_shoot debug switch took care of everything, as once I plugged in the values from real input, everything worked just fine.

I could theoretically now record video using the same old assets I used on Jaguar (classic StunRunner environment), but I think I will rather try to spend a day or two creating 3D Mesh specifically for Vampire.

I've been also testing only using wireframe last two weeks (it's easier to debug and see stuff happening), hopefully I didn't break anything when I now go switch to flatshading...

No promises, but since I have a hard departure date next Saturday morning, my cut-off for uploading YT vid is this Friday evening.

Markus B

Posts 196
04 Mar 2020 17:54

Really looking forward seeing a snippet of your work!

Kymon Erec Zonias

Posts 4
11 Apr 2020 16:22

Also waiting impatiently. Any News Mate?


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