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Vampire Card Repairs In US

Jeremy Buza

Posts 9
02 Jun 2019 19:40

So yesterday I was installing my Vampire card over a new 3d-printed mounting bracket in my A600.  I have a MicroSD extender that I mounted outside of my case to make for easy access (also have one for my IDE to SD for the same reason).  When I was test-fitting the extender to the Vamp, I accidentally snapped off the MicroSD slot on the Vamp card.  The Vampire still works just fine, but I don't have a MicroSD slot anymore.
I do have the ability to use a CF adapter ont he side of my Amiga, but how the board sits in the case I realistically have to take it apart every time I want to put a card in, and I would rather just leave the network card in.

That being said, for the short term, I am fine with these methods or eventually getting Amiga Explorer working with my Windows machine to copy files over, but I eventually want to get this thing repaired.

Does anyone know of any good repair shops in the US that could fix this issue?  I know there are a ton in the UK and Europe, but I don't want to have to fork out a ton for repairs plus a decent amount for shipping if I can help it, and I don't want to go for a few months without my Amiga at full functionality if I can help it.

Any help would be appreciated.  Also, if it helps, I am closer to the Chicagoland (Illinois/Wisconsin) area.

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1697
02 Jun 2019 20:07

Sadly, past US dealers seems to be kapput,even back in CBM days.
So did the market and repair services. US was always IBM/Apple market, but my salute to each and every US Amigan.

so essentially you are down to Amiga On Lake, and have to contact them
to see do they feel skilled enough. They dont list Vampire or any Classic repair services, but have some Classic hw and sw.

Some unofficial Amiga repairer lists, show 2 Classic geeks over your continent

Paul Rezendes United States California General repairs and troubleshooting, component replacement, PCB track repair, recapping, SMT soldering, modding... Via "Commodore Amiga" group on Facebook, EXTERNAL LINK 
Chris Luckey United States Maryland General repairs and troubleshooting, component replacement, PCB track repair, recapping, SMT soldering, modding. Specializes in Amiga 2000 & 3000 computers, also deals with Commodore & Atari 8-bits. Via "Commodore Amiga" group on Facebook or chris@digitalglass.us 

But my warmest advance is to pack it tight, get good International shipping and contact Majsta (Igor Majstorovic) in Bosnia. Have no fear, war ended decades ago there and shipping works.

Jeremy Buza

Posts 9
03 Jun 2019 20:20

Thank you very much for the info!!!

Sean Sk

Posts 372
03 Jun 2019 21:06

If all you need is a new MicroSD Card slot soldered to the board, I don't think you need to specifically find someone specialized in Amiga repairs. Any experienced technician could fit a MicroSD Card slot as they are pretty much standard, so you could just shop around in your local area first. They'll let you know if they can do it or not and they should be able to get the part you need. If they aren't sure (I'd be very surprised if they weren't) then perhaps Majsta could let you know the specific part to get and then get a tech to fit it.

Mike Kopack

Posts 268
04 Jun 2019 12:38

Paul is great, have used his service in the past. I reached out to the other name given and got no reply so who knows....

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