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Information about the Apollo CPU and FPU.

Its Been 25 Years And...

Chris Edwards

Posts 42
29 Mar 2019 14:41

I can not believe that all of you wonderful people, developers , team members, forum members, friends, family... Everyone of you who make the "current" Amiga such a freaking legendary machine. Not only ln this forum, but Everywhere . No other group in Computer history can claim this. do you ever sit back and realize just how awesome this is that after all this time (25 years since C= Bankruptcy many machines even older). All of the headaches, misery, MONEY,heartbreak, arguing, infighting. that you still feel the love for this piece of plastic and metal and silicone ... and we still have NEW things to purchase. incredible...

  This computer still stands the test of time thanks to all of "us" and "you"  i still feel the energy, the love. the enthusiasm.  it is still deep embedded in me. And always will be. How about you ?

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 4840
29 Mar 2019 15:51

Thank you Chris,

for the nice words.

Michael Borrmann

Posts 133
29 Mar 2019 16:02

word... :)

John William

Posts 467
01 Apr 2019 01:46

Michael Borrmann wrote:

  word... :)

  Now THAT is nice words! Thanks Michael Bormann :-D

Mallagan Bellator

Posts 381
02 Apr 2019 14:09

Couldn’t agree more!
I constantly think about my Amigas and wanting to do stuff with them, make stuff for them, and for other peoples Amigas.
Best machines ever <3

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1698
03 Apr 2019 00:16

Childhood/Teen memories?
  First multimedia home computer (quantum leap from 8 bit bleeps)?
  Arcade games at home?
  Rise of demo scene, piracy, BBSs?
  OS that is lightweight, human understandable and user controllable?
  Cute mix of 8-bit all in one computer designs and pro look (big boxes)
  Gamer scene, community and software as well as dealers and expansion makers built around what CBM was incapable of doing?
  Likely mix of all, plus some personal touch.

posts 6