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Suitable Wireless Adapter and Now We Have Core 2.8

Keith Matthews

Posts 37
18 Mar 2018 04:54

Hi all,

Now the Awesome Apollo/Vampire team have enabled the Expansion port, has there been any solid work or discussion on a preferred Wireless adapter that would simply plug straight in on top?

Is anybody working on drivers for such a device?

Probably something worth a bounty???

Ronnie Beck

Posts 17
18 Mar 2018 12:20

I think we just need the technical specifics of the port so the devs among us can start writting drivers.  If the expansion port is something like SPI, then it theoretically easy to modify the SDNET driver to work with the expansion port rather than the SDCARD slot.

From an interview on Amiten TV, they said they might release some sample device designs for developers, to help kick start development of their own device.  That to me is more interesting than devices developed by the Apollo Core team themselves.

posts 2