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Wipeout Port for Classic 68k and V4 Systemspage  1 2 

Artur Jarosik
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 94
25 Dec 2023 21:50

Looks like I did it again... Maggie3D candidate.

Jari Tuovinen

Posts 25
27 Dec 2023 10:46

Very nice :)

I own V4 Standalone and i like tot test it, where can i download it?

Eddie Cejvan

Posts 26
30 Dec 2023 23:27

Very nice.

Bastian Zühlke

Posts 23
31 Dec 2023 07:46

Congrats Artur. Getting it working is a first big step. Can´t wait to see how a Maggie optimized version will look like.

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