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Unithor: a Brand New Joystick for Retro Computers

Robert Markus

Posts 18
25 Jan 2022 08:53

I found this great thing today:

NoXLar - DemoSceneLover

Posts 54
25 Jan 2022 11:50

wow..looks cool

Eddie Cejvan

Posts 13
26 Jan 2022 02:35

Definitely preordering. Every SKU.

Nick Fellows

Posts 155
28 Jan 2022 19:56

yep so did i , keep lusting over it.

Ijon Tichy / UNI-joy

Posts 1
06 Feb 2022 22:18

Hi guys, I'm one of the team behind the joystick. Glad you like it - if you haven't already done so, please subscribe to the newsletter as it's a fairly important metric telling us of the overall interest in the project. (Be sure to check spam just in case - some mail clients may keep sending the signup confirmation message there.)

If you have any questions, you're welcome to contact us vie the email (provided on our website) or directly here.


posts 5