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Jake and Peppy V0.85 Released, for All V4 Systems!

Kenji Irie

Posts 76
31 Dec 2021 08:26

Jake and Peppy v0.85 release video here: 
  Available to download from Aminet:
  and from Vamped Amiga on Telegram:  EXTERNAL LINK   
  See also the game website: EXTERNAL LINK   
  Below is the readme.txt
  This is the fourth major playable release of the brand new and original game
  for the Apollo Vampire V4, FIREBIRD V4 for A500, and ICEDRAKE V4 for A1200
  Featuring 68080+AMMX acceleration, full SAGA integration, 16-bit graphics,
  16-bit sound and music, USB gamepad support, and 60 FPS gameplay.
  Thanks to all the feedback from users playing the previous releases - you
  spoke and we listened! See below for an the extensive list of improvements
  and additions.
  For more information, please visit the game website:
  ...We continue our journey on this game's development...
  Welcome to the Jake and Peppy alpha playable preview!
  Please view the game manual in this archive (PDF file).
  This has details on controls, requirements, etc. You can view the PDF on
  the V4, A500 FIREBIRD, or A1200 ICEDRAKE with the appropriate software,
    or on any other minor platform you wish to use.
  NOTE: R7 core highly recommended. Users on the R5 core will only have
  keyboard support, as extra USB functionality arrived with the R6 core.
  All game graphics and sound for Jake and Peppy is original, except for
  the few royalty-free or public domain assets below which have been
  modified for the game:
  dreamstime.com: Dinosaur bones
  craftpix.net: Medieval block set
  datafont.com: M04 Fatal Future font
  Zapsplat.com: for a few extra sounds
  Opengameart.org: crate graphic
  QSEC Team.
  V0.85 31/12/2021
  - NEW WEAPON added: The HAMMER.
  - NEW FEATURE added: Rewriting of game engine object handler to allow for
    compound objects.
  - NEW BOSS added: Lazy Eye, with new sounds and graphics
  - NEW SUBGAME function added: Gem puzzle.
  - NEW FEATURE for subgame: added 'easy' and 'hard' modes.
  - NEW FEATURE added: health bar to boss enemies.
  - IMPROVEMENT: added sine tables for speed optimisation.
  - NEW FEATURE: Screen shake implemented for large impacts.
  - NEW AUDIO TRACK added from SampleMind: Math Max
  - BUG FIX for player resurrection. Still a gremlin in here, but not critical.
  - BUG FIX for collision detection on walls, to stop players getting 'stuck'.
  - BUG FIX for collision detection on players/enemies for a rare condition
    which resulted in player health being continually drained.
  - BUG FIX for the v0.70 level 2, which broke the warp gate (couldn't finished
    the map).
  - BUG FIX for some misplaced graphic tiles in levels.
  - BUG FIX for player flashing upon multiple hits, resulting in a conitnual
    white graphic.
  - BUG FIX for crate explosion sounds.
  - BUG FIX for a font offset error for one character.
  - IMPROVEMENT to HUD layout. Added level goals, and rearranged positioning.
  - IMPROVEMENT: Added code for ensuring sequential levels play different music
  - NEW LEVEL 1 for v0.85 created (Lazy Eye boss)
  - NEW LEVEL 2 for v0.85 created (Gem puzzle)
  - NEW LEVEL 3 for v0.85 created (Large Eule level, with hammer weapon)
  - Multiple other fixes and improvements ("General game stability improvements
    to enhance the user's experience", or "This software update improves system
    performance", if you prefer to use the modern terms!)
  V0.80B 13/08/2021
  - NEW ENEMY Fire turrets added.
  - NEW ENEMY flames added using AMMX accelerated transparency.
  - NEW FEATURE added: Spot-light mode, accelerated using AMMX.
  - NEW high-resolution ship rotations added! This was the most requested
    feature from feedback.
  - IMPROVEMENT to ship flame gfx: fully antialiased now using AMMX.
  - IMPROVEMENT to game engine: Optimisations has resulted in a 30-40% framerate
  - NEW explosions added to hit enemies using AMMX accelerated transparency.
  - IMPROVEMENT to bullet graphics; tidied up.
  - CHANGE to default ship loadout; tweaked graphics and parameters for better
    'Arcade' style gameplay.
  - NEW Critical hit Changes and Critical Hit damage implemented.
  - IMPROVEMENT Some further optimisation to the asm graphics code.
  - IMPROVEMENT to management of WARPS and addition of further level editor
  - IMPROVEMENT to animation management.
  - NEW LEVEL 1 for 0.80 created.
  - NEW LEVEL 2 for 0.80 created.
  - NEW tileset colour variation added
  - BUGFIX to start of level bug where the previous thrust direction was
    undefined/not reset.
  - NEW FEATURE added: hit-stats added to enemies when hit.
  - NEW FEATURE added: small explosions when player bullets hit walls and other
    objects that are not enemies.
  - CHANGE to control system: ship now moves with direction (no thrust button-
    press required)
  - NEW FEATURE added: press 'M' in game to start/stop music playback. Also,
    this feature is available in the in-game menu (ESC).
  - Many, many, small BUGFIXES, core IMPROVEMENTS, and tweaks.
  V0.75B 29/05/2021
  - BUG FIX in controller input management (couldn't select items with gamepad
    properly when changing build). A new button press is required when hovering
    over items now when in the hub.
  - BUG FIX in Level 3 map, which had an invisible enemy on the map which
    caused damage when hovering over it.
  - BUG FIXES to the game engine and memory management.
  - IMPROVEMENT to tile graphics. Cleaned up discontinuities.
  - IMPROVEMENT of various graphical elements, such as little explosions when
    bullets hit walls.
  - IMPROVEMENT to multi-shot scatter to maximise area coverage with 8-way
    directional play. This is now the base loadout for the ship.
  - IMPROVEMENT to map editing/loading for setting of properties of all in-game
  - NEW FEATURE added: mini-map, with fog-of-war and transparent overlay.
  - NEW FEATURE added to graphic functionality: 24-way directional sprite
    handling added.
  - NEW ENEMY added: fireball wall turrets.
  - NEW WEAPON added: homing missiles.
  V0.7E: Minor improvements
  - Default to 'KID MODE' on, for new players who struggle with the default
  - Tweaked audio playback, to accomodate changes in audio for the upcoming
    core R6.
  - Fixed some typos in the game text.
  V0.7D: First public release 09/04/2021

Tim Noyce

Posts 142
31 Dec 2021 16:47

Appears to run well on my older V4 SA. Joypad in the 3rd USB port is working fine too.

DiscreetFX Studios

Posts 107
02 Jan 2022 16:26

This is awesome news, thanx a bunch for all the hard work on this game.

Manos Sg

Posts 83
05 Jan 2022 14:35

Looking forward to trying this out. Thank you for your efforts!

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