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Arnes Amiga Game Up to the Stars

Arne von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 45
27 Aug 2021 16:54

Greetings this is Arne,

I'm 14 years old and I love coding for Amiga and playing old and new games

Here is the upcoming new game "Up To The Stars"
The game is currently in development.
Coding Gunnar von Boehn.
GFX by Bartek.
The game support up to 4 players!
Here is a short Video showing the new Amiga Game!

Thomas Blatt

Posts 196
27 Aug 2021 17:22

Wow looks good

Lord A1k

Posts 53
28 Aug 2021 11:18

Wonderful Arne, i am a great Star Wars Fan, hope to see more Star Wars relatet Stuff  in the Future.

And a Wish : A Strategy Game for the V4 as Exempel „UFO -Enemy Unknown „ would  be a Dream . All others  Jump & Run /Shooter have we enough. But Real Time Strategy  round based nothing.

Thomas Blatt

Posts 196
28 Aug 2021 21:49

Maybe next game this EXTERNAL LINK ?  :)

posts 4