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Alessandro Betori

Posts 1
14 Aug 2021 14:57

Hello, I have never written on this forum. I am not a Vampire user, but I remember fondly the emotions that Amiga made me experience as a boy. I believe that Big Gun is a very capable computer engineer and that he is doing a truly remarkable job. In particular I like how Big Gun tends to make the Amiga assembly a sort of super assembly in the sense that with a few instructions it obtains unthinkable results for other cpu. In any case, I saw with amazement the incredible port of Diablo and I was wondering if other ports of games that have made history such as Unreal Deadmatch or Starcraft (Stargus?) For Amiga are in the works. Starcraft in particular, after the game of chess, I believe is one of the best strategy games of all time and that Amiga would be entitled to a splendid version of this timeless game. Greetings to the whole forum.

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5728
14 Aug 2021 15:46

Thanks for your kind post.
I agree with you that Starcraft would be a very nice game to have.

NoXLar - DemoSceneLover

Posts 54
14 Aug 2021 17:21

agree, best strategy game ever made. can always dream getting it to vampire amiga

Roy Gillotti

Posts 494
23 Aug 2021 14:47

Well I know Arti a long time Amiga porter has done a Stratagus (Stargus) in the past:
It's pretty close to starcraft, but not quite there.

posts 4