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Running Games and Apps.


Arne von Boehn

Posts 36
13 Jun 2021 09:24

Greetings this is Arne

I'm 14 years old .
I love Amiga and want to write games in 68080 Assembler.
Here is my first game, a two player Duel Tetris called "Apollo-Blocks"!
Here is a short Video showing the this new Apollo Blocks game.
The GFX is made by Kevin.

Mirijam Wagner
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 10
13 Jun 2021 10:03

Hey Arne, great Video. Good Job!!!

Mr Niding

Posts 459
13 Jun 2021 10:50

Thanks for the development for my V4 :)

At the end of the week I will get home for a break (work work), and will download and test this game.

Looks really impressive and slick! :)

Lord Aga
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 119
13 Jun 2021 13:51

Great work from our junior department :)

David Wright

Posts 373
14 Jun 2021 03:56

A chip of the ole block I see. Nice one there.

Jean-Baptiste Bolcato

Posts 60
14 Jun 2021 07:05

14 years old... blimey.
Slick! And all in assembler?! Well done Arne, VERY impressive.
Can't wait for you next creations!

Robo Kupka

Posts 30
14 Jun 2021 07:12

Great job Arne.

Przemyslaw Tkaczyk

Posts 154
14 Jun 2021 11:39

Well done, Arne! Looking forward to more ASM/SAGA coding :)

Andrew Miller

Posts 347
14 Jun 2021 13:36

This is really impressive, what development environment did you use?

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5617
14 Jun 2021 14:12

Here is Arne just in time coding on the game
before he showed it at the Amiga event.

You can see I was very proud as him :)

Arne von Boehn

Posts 36
14 Jun 2021 16:37

Andrew Miller wrote:

This is really impressive, what development environment did you use?

I coded on my Apollo V4 (which I did solder myself :-)
And I did use Apollo-OS r6) and i did use the Tool ASM One.
The games use directly the SAGA Amiga chipset of the V4.

Roger Andre Lassen

Posts 142
14 Jun 2021 17:22

Very impressive Arne. Keep up the good work.

posts 12