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[Game Idea] 1v1 Tower Defense

Olle Haerstedt

Posts 102
28 Mar 2020 13:57

Pitch: Play against your buddies by building towers, walls and more in an intense but short battle.

Prototype time investment: Fairly small

Details: Local 1v1, each player uses a mouse. On each side of the screen is an icon list with available buildings, starting with simple towers, walls, and increasing in number the more matches you play. The players can place building on their side of the screen, while trying to bombard the "castle" (or anything similar that needs to be kept alive to not lose the game).

A similar game idea can be asymmetric 1v1 tower defense, where one player uses the mouse to place buildings, and the other player uses the joystick to control the attacking hordes (maybe clicking space to cycle between the monsters).

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