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Running Games and Apps.

Game Idea: 2 Vs 2 Local Multiplayer

Olle Haerstedt

Posts 102
13 Mar 2020 19:26

Pitch: A 2 vs 2 local multiplayer game in a world where every block is interactive, advanced robots fighting against the spirits of the forest.
  Elaboration: A 2D game where you have an arena in space built up of larger blocks. Each block can be interacted with in a number of ways, depending on which team you are. One team plays robots - they mine from the blocks and use minerals to build machines; the other team are forest spirits and plant trees in the blocks to harvest the energy. Blocks can be pushed, pulled, destroyed, duplicated, etc. The arena is big enough for the game session to last ~20-40 minutes, with a mixture of strategy and action.
  The screen is split in two parts, so the team members have to stay fairly close to each other. The number of blocks the team control decides it's "power level" - at a certain level the team wins, or when the opposite team reaches level 0.
  My original idea for this game was a 16 vs 16 kind of match-up, but I think it can be adapted to the Amiga use-case. ^^
  I'm ready to start writing pseudo-code if you are. ;)

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