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Game Idea: 3 Player Local Co-op

Olle Haerstedt

Posts 102
09 Mar 2020 18:05

Pitch: A local co-op puzzle game for three players, where one player controls the playable character with a joystick, a second players builds the level in real-time with the mouse, and a third player controls the environment through a simple command-line interface.
    Player one: Controls a playable character much like Super Mario, with simple and responsive physics. Maybe weapons and special abilities can be added incrementally.
    Player two: Builds or amends the level in real-time with the mouse to help player one finish the level/reach the exit point. Available building blocks can depend on power-ups that player one collects, or increase with difficult levels later in the game. One can steal some ideas from that tomato puzzle game (video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAqvPSGjaBU).
    Player three: Uses the keyboard to control the general environment, e.g. force of gravity, weather (wind, rain, temperature). More ideas needed. The interface is at the bottom of the screen. Only one monitor is needed to play the game.
    What do you guys think? Possible, manageable, fun?

Olle Haerstedt

Posts 102
09 Mar 2020 18:28

The Amiga is basically the only computer or gaming system that guaranteed has joystick, mouse AND keyboard available, so it could be an interesting experiment to try to use all these elements in one game.

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