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Games Off Gotek

Mike Kopack

Posts 268
01 Dec 2019 00:11

Hey gang...

Since I had some time over the Thanksgiving holiday here in the USA, I thought I'd spend a little time with my A500 + v2 w/Gotek running flashfloppy...

There are a few games that I have ADF images for that there doesn't seem (or at least I haven't found) WhdLoad images for - Earl Weaver Baseball, and MegaFortress were the 2 I specifically tried.

First off, when I tried to boot up, the system didn't boot up off the Gotek, but rather went right to the IDE and I ended up in Coffin OS. I guess I probably should have tried to go into the Early Boot menu to tell it to boot off the DF0:?

When I got into Coffin, I could see the floppy, opened it and double clicked to launch the games. In both cases the colors were wrong - (what should have been white was magenta for instance), and in both cases I got to the title screens and then they both hung and couldn't do anything else.

Any ideas? Kickstart issues? Or do I need to do the early boot to bypass Coffin altogether?

Or does anyone know of a WHDLoad image for either of those? (especially with the expansion packs for each).

Jeremy Buza

Posts 9
01 Dec 2019 10:09

Sadly, I do not think there is a WHDLoad image for those, at least for HD installs.  I ended up setting up my CoffinOS install as an external SD card (handy for swapping OSes without having to crack open the case every time).  I just ejected my CoffinOS build, and when I ran either game, they seemed to be running correctly (or as far as I could tell).  Then again, I'm on an A600 with the V2 for that.

What version Core are you running?

Mo Retro

Posts 239
01 Dec 2019 10:31

Hi Mike,
  I've never used this games.
  I just looked it up and Earl Weaver Baseball is from 1987. That means that it possibly Binky runs only with kick 1.3 and 512kb chipram. So me extramural chip- or fastram.
  Megafortress is from 1991 do I don't know what that could be.

Jeremy Buza

Posts 9
01 Dec 2019 21:45

For any games requiring 1.3, you can search for an image of ReloKick for 1.3.  I've had issues trying to use the 1.4 versions, but with my A600 1.3 works well.
  I found a copy at:
  "ReloKick v1.3 (1992)(AB Comp)[h Slipstream].zip" worked just fine for me.

EDIT: I got 1.4a working (but I couldn't load the Host disk for the Gotek again without cutting the power, but 1.41 seems to not load at all.  The 1.3 versions all seem to work correctly.

Captain Zzap

Posts 1
02 Dec 2019 04:41

Instead of relokick, why arenít you simply using Vcontrol with itís maprom feature?

Jeremy Buza

Posts 9
02 Dec 2019 19:25

I did not know about VControl.  I'll take a look at it later tonight.

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