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Vojin Vidanovic

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16 Nov 2019 10:06

Nice 2019 combo, OpenBOR GUI MUI + OpenBOR port by MVG

  --------------------------- GUI ----------------------
  Short: openBOR GUI (MUI)
  Author: F.Brandis at GMX.net
  Uploader:F Brandis GMX net
  Type: game/misc
  Requires:MUI3.8, GIf.datatype
  Architecture:m68k-amigaos >=3.0
  Date: 2019-11-12
  This is a simple GUI to start BOR games with the CLI engine openBOR,
  available at  Aminet.net/package/game/actio/OpenBOR.
  This incarnation is the (little more advanced) MUI version.
  Unpack openBOR, then place this GUI into the very same directory.
  The GUI has limited options by now.
  It will try to open its window on the frontmost screen, most likely
  the workbench; make sure you have one big enough to fit (~630x320 w*h).
  It is recommended to use an AGA screen with more than 32 colors or a RTG
  screenmode with 16bits.
  You have to decrunch the PAK files of your games according to the
  needs of openBOR, most certainly into a e.g. PAK/yourGame/data
  HINT: Please note the existing ToolTypes before replacing the generic icon!
  ENGINEEXEC=OpenBOR-nonFPU  tells the GUI which Engine to start a game with PAKPATH  =<your drive:dir/paks/  location> sets the source of game files.
  RTG will set the GUI to try and start games with the -cgx flag.
  SAVESTAT  enables the ability to save your 5-star-rating into
  a small file inside the game`s data directory.
  OpenBOR port by Modern Vintage Gamer - a Retro Playa!
  Whats New?
  - added CD32 gamepad compability
  - jumpattack no longer forces jumpattack2
  - removed 68030 restriction. good luck with that 030 owners.
  - better system shutdown. should no longer leak memory.
  - A fast Amiga with AGA or RTG. 68060 + RTG/Vampire 2 Recommended !
  - 32Mb of RAM. Recommended 128 Mb
  - Install anywhere on your Amiga.
  - You need OpenBOR PAK files. They go in the PAK subfolder
  There are 3 executables to choose from:
  - OpenBOR. Use this if you have AGA/RTG and a 68030 or higher Amiga with an FPU.
  - OpenBOR-NoFPU. Use this if you have AGA/RTG and a 68030 or higher Amiga
  without an FPU.
  - OpenBOR-Vampire. Use this if you have a Vampire 2.
  Please either provide a game .PAK file or an extracted PAK archive and place it
  in /PAKS
  NOTE : It is STRONGLY recommended that you extract PAK files into subfolders and
  load that way.Some .PAK files can take more than 3-5 minutes to load.
  I have included files to extract .PAK files in the distribution under /tools.
  These run on a Windows PC
  To extract a PAK file run the following commandline
  paxplode <name of .pak file>
  This will create a file called 'data' with the extracted contents inside it.
  Create a folder for the game under PAKS and move the contents of 'data'
  underneath that subfolder.
  In other words - PAKS/<name of game>/data is a valid path.
  OpenBOR by default will look for a directory called 'BOR' under PAK,
  however you can specify what PAK file you want to load by the following
  commandline arguments:
  OpenBOR <path of PAK file or directory>
  The following examples are valid :
  OpenBOR paks/GoldenAxe/      * will load the extracted PAK in GoldenAxe/
  OpenBOR paks/GoldenAxe.PAK  * will load the GoldenAxe.PAK file (slow)
  OpenBOR paks/GoldenAxe/ -cgx *same as the above but will switch to RTG mode
  instead of AGA.
  If someone wants to code a nice front end for this it would be much appreciated
  :) :)
  You need a 2 button gamepad/joystick. Plug in Port 2
  Up - Move Up
  Down - Move Down
  Left - Move Left
  Right - Move Right
  Fire 1  - Attack
  Fire 2  - Jump
  Both Fire 1 + Fire2 - Special Move
  Return - Pause
  F10 - Quit to Workbench
  Only Player 1 is supported in this release.
  - A4000 with Warp Engine 68040/40 and AGA (C2P) - Around 05-10  FPS
  - A4000 with Warp Engine 68040/40 and RTG  - Around 10-18  FPS
  - A1200 with Blizzard 1260 at 50Mhz and AGA (C2P)  - Around 17-20  FPS
  - A600 with Vampire 2 with Gold 2.5 Core  - Around 60-100 FPS
  - Quiting (F10) sometimes will crash - For AGA, OpenBOR needs to allocate a
  320x240 screenmode. You need a PAL monitor entry in prefs screenmode that
  matches this resolution otherwise the engine will crash.
  - Only 1 Player works.
  - Probably lots of other stuff.
  Source Code
  is available on my github - EXTERNAL LINK   
  Contact Me
  Email    : info at modernvintagegamer.com
  YouTube  : EXTERNAL LINK   
  Twitter  :  at ModernVintageG
  FaceBook : ModernVintageGamer
  Credits and Thanks
  Amiga Fans everywhere !

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