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Disable Roadshow Inside Whdload

Lee Langley

Posts 10
19 Sep 2019 17:59

Good afternoon all,
I am unable to run any games from the Whdload that comes with the coffin image, I get a roadshow purchase prompt. I saw on another post you should remove it form the Whdload staert up script but being a noob I am not sure how to do this, any pointers?

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1718
19 Sep 2019 18:05

Quick and dirty answer:
  - buy roadshow, its greatest net stack for Amiga


  - check s: startup sequence and user-startup and put ; in front of any roadshow call or try adding >NIL: at the end

Remember that second will disable roadshow when you need it, so you will have to undo, so 1) is way better

Geoff Wells

Posts 32
20 Sep 2019 19:03

Hey @Vojin - I've seen this come up a number of times and I know you seem to be aware of developments in the Amiga scene.  Given the direction of the Vampire/Apollo team, are you aware of anyone using AROSTCP on AOS?  Perhaps in AFAOS?

I couldn't find any references to it but thought it might be an interesting direction for Coffin to avoid the Roadshow complaints and start to do more testing with AROS components.

Is anyone else aware of something like this?

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1718
20 Sep 2019 19:14

No, I knew AROS has TCP/IP but I dont know anyone using it, be it UAE, Amiga Forever, AmiKit, AmigaOS 3.9 etc.

It would be great, but yet hardly anyone can beat Roadshow feature list and that alone deserves few bucks.

Personaly, I am old school fun of Miami/MiamiDX :)

Geoff Wells

Posts 32
20 Sep 2019 20:01

I think I might even be older still with an original paid for copy of AmiTCP.  :)  I know everyone says Roadshow is the best but if we are backing AROS as a team then we need to focus on making those components the best (at least as much as possible).

Breaking the problem into bite sized chunks (like running AROSTCP in AOS) could be a way to eliminate it as a slow area.  Having said that, I have no idea how hard it would be to run their stack in AOS.

I don't know anything about AROS so I think it might be time to get my feet wet.

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