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Video Games Time Travelling With Apollo Vampire

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1719
05 Sep 2019 10:24

Kudos to Pedro Cotter, Flype, Manuel Jesus playing the games!
  THX and few games are recorded on 060, but its expected for V2/V4 to have that level of performance
  List of games
  1988 OutRun, Racing
  1988 Ghouls 'n Ghosts, Platform
  1989 Rick Dangeorus, Platform
  1991 Microprose FORMULA ONE GRAND PRIX, Racing simulator
  1993 StarWars X-Wing, Space Simulation
  1994 Wing Commander, Space Simulation
  1995 Tyrian, Shooter
  1995 Descent, FPS
  1995 Rise Of Triad, FPS
  1996 Duke Nukem 3D, FPS
  1996 Diablo I, Hack n Slash
  1996 Metal Slug, Run and Gun
  1997 Myst,  Adventure
  1997 Shadow Of The 3rd Moon 3D simulation
    1997 TFX (Tactical Fighter Experiment), Flight Simulator
    1998 Genetic Species, FPS
    1998 Quake idSoftware, FPS
    2000 Demo of the canceled game Enforce, FPS
    2001 Payback 3D Action Adventure
  2001 Descent: FreeSpace The Great War, Space Combat Simulator
  2002 Feeble Files, Point And Click Adventure
  2016 Dragon Crown  2D demo
  2017 194x Deluxe Natami-Vampire edition
  Nice line up, could not take all in one, but idea was to show games that are revived, playable and were demanding for barebone Amigas.

Przemyslaw Tkaczyk

Posts 142
05 Sep 2019 14:10

TFX on an early V4/SA x12 (85MHz) looks like this:
Some glitches visible I think, but this was recorded on one of the earlier standalone cores.

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1719
06 Sep 2019 17:39

Glad to see it!

Andrew Miller

Posts 229
07 Sep 2019 02:21

I've still got the original disks for tfx.
  I think I had to send away some offer from an amiga magazine for them, might have been CU amiga magazine.
  Hope to be able to use them at some point :)

Steve Ferrell

Posts 397
07 Sep 2019 05:00

Nice to see Genetic Species on there.  It took a real beast of an Amiga back in the day to get a good framerate for this game.  Looks really smooth on the Vampire!

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