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Kevin Saunders

Posts 23
08 Sep 2019 23:47

Hi Gunnar,

Firstly Thankyou for all the work you do for the Amiga/Vampire community :)

A quick rundown of software I use.

Software used:
- Lightwave 3D (mac)
- Brilliance II (Ham8 conversion - Amiga)
- Photoshop (mac)
- Grafx2 (IFF indexed conversion)
- Graphic Converter 9 (IFF conversion)

Real A1200 with extra memory (no vampire yet hehe)

Photoshop IFF plugin doesn't always export friendly IFF files, so I tend to use other IFF converters, Grafx2 works great, simply open exported Photoshop file and re-save. These then get sent to Richard.

In generally most work gets done in Photoshop including palette setups. For example once I have a palette (eg custom 16 colours for the hardware player sprite), I'll import all the 3d rendered frames into photoshop and convert with some possible tweaking.

I do have more info on my Patreon site (Free) - behind the scenes, that shows more info about the player sprite, the rendered asteroids, colour palette and other info

I do also have another Amiga blog that i update EXTERNAL LINK 
It's also worth mentioning that Richard deserves a lot of credit for the visual aspect, such as the extra little particles you see when shooting things or the special effects such as transparent fog.  To add the neat trick with the Hardware player sprite to add extra weapons within the 32x32 player sprite is well worth reading (see link Patreon above)

DPaint and Cinema4D are both awesome by the way :)

If I have missed anything please let me know. 

I will eventually do some videos of the process if it helps, just finding the spare time at the moment is tricky :)

Rod March

Posts 113
09 Sep 2019 00:46

Hi Richard, great to see you on this forum, glad you chased me up too - your email got spam-filtered. Will reply shortly.

Kevin - love your work too!

Richard Löwenstein wrote:

RESHOOT R is designed to fit the AGA-Hardware like a glove. While adding a two player option is technically possible, it means to sacrifice something elsewhere and would result in more flicker, a less stable framerate or things like this on A1200. On vampire, things are different of course.
  Adding a two player option means investing weeks and months of additional work, if it´s to be done right. Battle Squadron for example is much too easy in coop mode. There a lots and lots of fundamental decisions as well as "minor" details which need rethinking. How to take care of the global highscore table, for example if two players are coop´ing?
  Most Amiga shmups so far did not succeed with coop, with Silkworm one noteable exception. But, maybe, a hot seat option would be nice to have in a future game ...
  While we are at it --- Rod, did you get my email?

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1731
19 Oct 2019 15:17

Kevin Saunders wrote:

  Thankyou for all your comments, while Richard nor myself have a Vampire card yet we do love the passion in the vampire community after-all your truely passionate Amigans/FutureAmigans.

  Nice team. I suppose project lead and coder would have to
  take "the hard work", while gfx could be easier converted to 24-bit full and audio to 16-bit, adding some effects.
  That, and 2 player co-op, or Internet play one next to other (modern hotseat) would be enough for "Vampire signature edition", if feasable.
  Also, having first 080-MMX game out there, would be an honour and maybe a bit of add to sales, as there are hungry v2 and hungrier v4 users.
  The team behind the game
  -spieleschreiber | Richard Löwenstein
  Production, project lead, design & coding
  -Kevin Saunders
  -Martin Ahman
  Music and FX

Kevin Saunders wrote:

Software used:
- Lightwave 3D (mac)
- Brilliance II (Ham8 conversion - Amiga)
- Photoshop (mac)
- Grafx2 (IFF indexed conversion)
- Graphic Converter 9 (IFF conversion)

  It would be great to hear answers, and from coder and a musician too. Even many of them could be on modern Win/Lin and then converted back. Its great to see many gfx tools are on Amiga or descend from Amiga (Lightwave on Mac).

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1731
22 Oct 2019 12:49

Reshoot R proxima demoed at Amiga show, TBR 2020

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