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Quakemap Beta Tester Wanted -does It Work On Vamp?

Daniel Sevo

Posts 285
11 Feb 2019 18:50

Hi, I made a new Quake-map and I tried hard to stick to the limitations of the original engine as much as possible so keep it Amiga compatible. I do however believe it would be tough for 060+AGA, but Vampire should be able to handle it.
The map itself has a few "hidden" Amiga and Vampire-related items in it ;-) it is also more like a Half-Life level than a regular Quake map (lots of custom textures made by me), so maybe ppl will find it interesting.

Anyway, my Vampire currently only gives me black screen (again) so I'm looking for someone who could try the map on their Vamp config.

Note, map is "BETA" so if there is something I can fix to make it more Amiga compatible, I'll sure try.
If you are interested, let me know and I'll send it to you. (File is about 6MB compressed, BSP is about 10MB, wad about 4MB and a .lit map about 4MB. The .lit makes colored lights possible, not sure any current Amiga Quake port supoorts it but it should not be necessary.)


Nixus Minimax

Posts 411
12 Feb 2019 09:09

And where would one find the map?

Jeremy Buza

Posts 8
12 Feb 2019 10:03

I'm also interested... :)

Daniel Sevo

Posts 285
12 Feb 2019 11:01

  its on my site exretro.com however right now its a direct link, later it will have its own "proper" page and also uploaded to quaddicted.com
  As long as its Beta though I want to minimize the spread of the files.
  send me an email to exelero2009 at gmail dot com and I'll give you the direct link to the zip file.
  Thanx for your interest. Ill, post a link to some screenshots later today.

Daniel Sevo

Posts 285
12 Feb 2019 13:36


(To clarify, it might work on 060+RTG (without vampire) but I worry about the amount of texture data, its probably too much for AGA.)

Daniel Sevo

Posts 285
03 Mar 2019 08:36

Map is now publicly available here:
BUT please Note, you'll need a modern Quake engine (like Quakespasm or similar). After some testing I gave up on the idea of having it run on the Amiga.

(I still hope we'll see some Vampire-ports of more modern Quake Engines once a solution for handeling OpenGL code is in place...)

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