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WHDLoad - Can't Boot Games.

Bartek P.

Posts 3
17 May 2018 01:29

Hi there!

My setup is:
Amiga 500 rev6a (USA/NTSC).
Vampire v500 v2+ (2.9Core) with latest Coffin RC51 (32gbSanDiscCF).
Gotek with latest Flash-Floppy software.

When I boot games on regular 68k using Gotek with F-F everything works just fine. I can boot a game and play it with no issues.

Problem comes when im using Vampire v500 v2+ with F-F. For example CannonFodder - disk boots into trainer, I can pick cheats im going to use but when it comes to boot main program, Im receiving Guru Meditation - Software Failure - 8000 000A.

I have same problem with WHDLoad games in Coffin RC51. OS boots up, Im opening Game menu and picking game I want to play. Usually "Roadshow Amiga TCP/IP" interrupts process, so the IGame window freezes with information that game is running but nothing really happens on both screens.

When I try to use IGame again Guru appears saying Software Failure - 8000 0006.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Joni Valtanen

Posts 6
17 May 2018 05:30

About WHDLoad: Have you tried without Roadshow?

It is known problem: EXTERNAL LINK 
Second problem with A500 might be lack of chip-memory. I recommend you to read WHDLoad conversion README for requirements.

Looks like Cannon Fodder requires 1MB chip: EXTERNAL LINK 
For the Roadshoww problem there are two options:

1. stop roadshow in WHDLoad startup-script and start it again in stop-script
2. prevent Roadshow to start at boot time. Probably from s:user-startup

Poseidon USB-stack has similar effect to WHDLoad. Interrupts are the problem.

Bartek P.

Posts 3
17 May 2018 06:12

I've forgot to mention - AMIGA 500 RAM/CLOCK 30-0039-2 (c) 1987 SUPRA CORPORATION onboard on regular A500 setup - so im able to run 1MB chip games from F-F.

Coffin RC51 shows that my system has approximately:

ChipRam: 1.996kb
FastRam: 117.213kb
GFX: 2.838kb

Do I still need to keep a 512kb expansion to run games on Vampire v500 V2+ ? 

Editing WHDLoad-Startup helps with Roadshow interruption but I still can't run a game on Vampire. After clicking a title I want to run redLED starts to blink and Guru appears.

Joni Valtanen

Posts 6
18 May 2018 10:01

You should not need trapdoor memory.

2MB Chip with rev.6A + ram expansion you mentioned sound weird. It should not be more than 1MB, but I guess 0.5MB is most probably case. Your memory expansion should be 0.5MB and by default it should provide fast-ram, if no hacks done to motherboard. Current core of Vampire does not provide any chip-mem.

Anyway. Some other people have had similar chip memory problems: CLICK HERE 
...and memory expansion: EXTERNAL LINK 
You can confirm chip and fast amount, if you replace Vampire with original 68000 and boot to workbench.

Finally about games: For example floppy version of Cannon Fodder requires total 1MB (0.5MB chip and 0.5MB fast) and WHDLoad version requires 1MB chip + some fast. So my guess is that you probably had played 1MB games, but not 1MB chip games.

Bartek P.

Posts 3
18 May 2018 15:30

One more time.
  I have 2 fully working Amiga's 500 rev6A.
  Im using Vampire v500 V2+ that has 128mb on board (its showing ChipRam: 1.996kb  FastRam: 117.213kb  GFX: 2.838kb when booted to workbench from fresh CFcard). Its attached to my Amiga 500 rev.6A. Im not using ram expansion in this setup. Im running Coffin RC51. Booting system. Trying to run any game in WHDLoad and Guru appears...
  I have other rev.6A board with original 68k CPU on board (512kb motherboard). Im using 512kb expansion (so it gives 1MB). I can run a games using Flash-Floppy.
  YES, I switched boards to check if there is a motherboard issue. Same results.

I Will try to reflash Vampire with x11 core when I get back home. Thanks!

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 340
19 May 2018 09:18

Bartek P. wrote:

  I Will try to reflash Vampire with x11 core when I get back home. Thanks! 

ChipRAM (Showing 2MB not really having it) was most often reported with x10 cores. x11 core should make it go away +7Mhz 080 speed boost

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