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Emulator Performance On the Vampire2page  1 2 3 4 5 6 

Michael Nurney

Posts 281
11 Jul 2016 14:00

I'll try some more now core 7 is out :)

Michael Nurney

Posts 281
11 Jul 2016 20:12

impressive update (silver7)

but low memory error in fusion now?

Szyk Cech

Posts 191
11 Jul 2016 20:37

michael nurney wrote:

  but low memory error in fusion now?

You probably need MMU to enable Virtual Memory (swap file on disk)...

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 4511
11 Jul 2016 21:21

You need to reserve the lower mem for Fusion.
There is a tool for this which you want to launch in your Sartup-Sequence.
c:RsrvWarm >nil:

Michael Nurney

Posts 281
11 Jul 2016 21:45

Brilliant , thank you :)

John Heritage

Posts 110
12 Jul 2016 00:49

IF Flashing fails - can the Amiga still boot and use something else to flash, or no?  I ask as I had an Atari 800XL die while flashing a U1MB upgrade, and the fix required special hardware basically.. 

Michael Nurney

Posts 281
12 Jul 2016 06:48

If the flash fails use a USB blaster to reflash it

Michael Nurney

Posts 281
13 Jul 2016 21:46

Star Wars Rebel Assault

Shaky video - sorry its on my phone as the camera SD is playing up...

This game is one reason i bought a 386 in 1993 (cheap) ...it didn't run well so i bought a 486...

Manuel Jesus

Posts 138
13 Jul 2016 23:00

Powermac was used during the Power pc clone era. So in this instance I think they reference Mac Clones of that era (1995-1998)

Torsten Strohwig

Posts 2
15 Jul 2016 03:28

  is it possible to make a "how to" for installation MAC on a Amiga 600 with Vampire and Fusion ?
  Including Startdisk and/or Harddisk for MAC 7.5.3 ?
kind regards

Michael Nurney

Posts 281
15 Jul 2016 06:04

Of course I will do that over the weekend and provide links to my website with all the files you need.

Michael Nurney

Posts 281
15 Jul 2016 22:10

in the mean time...

the first time I've seen FMV on an Amiga 600...

The 7th Guest.

Mr-Z EdgeOfPanic

Posts 185
16 Jul 2016 07:36

Nice video again, this only makes me more inpatient waiting for my V2 to arrive.
By the time I receive my V2 we'll be down to silvercore 9 I guess :-)

Michael Nurney

Posts 281
17 Jul 2016 20:35

Video guide on using Fusion on the Amiga.
  tools needed.
  Amiga FAT95 CF
  Macintosh formatted CF or Hardfile
  Leopard OSX (to drag and drop)
  Windows Mac transfer HFSExplorer (for Windows drag and drop)
  Amiga Fusion
  Mac ROM
  Hard file or partition to boot from on the mac
  my files will be here at (when i upload them)
  my websit  EXTERNAL LINK 

Michael Nurney

Posts 281
17 Jul 2016 21:40

Sam and Max hit the road

fusion mac emulation


Torsten Strohwig

Posts 2
17 Jul 2016 22:17

Thank you guy !
that will help me to install mac on vampire in quicker way ! ;)

Myzar Alcor

Posts 24
18 Jul 2016 11:54

anyone got networking working with fusion and was able to be online?

Michael Nurney

Posts 281
31 Jul 2016 00:21

i haven't tried online yet...

SIlver8 update

Sys info and Sysspeed are the same but improvements are noticeable.

PCtask is slightly quicker now, 386-25mx+
AMOS games run without missing graphics
Whdload fixes

great update guys and i'll show some speed differences in emulation soon.

Myzar Alcor

Posts 24
31 Jul 2016 00:52

what's still missing to run macos 7.6.1 with a quadra rom in shapeshifter or fusion. It works ok with a real 68x000 cpu, not complaining just curios :)

Michael Nurney

Posts 281
31 Jul 2016 01:12

PPC only?

Mac OS 7.6 (codenamed "Harmony") was the last major update, released in 1997. With 7.6, the operating system was officially called "Mac OS" instead of "System". Mac OS 7.6 introduced several features that were also included in Mac OS 8, including a revamped Extensions Manager, more native PowerPC code for Power Macs, more bundled Internet tools and utilities, and a more-stable Finder with increased memory allocation.[16] In this version, the PowerTalk feature added in 7.5 was removed due to poor application support, and support for a large number of older Macintosh models was dropped.

The minor update to Mac OS 7.6.1 finally ported the 68k exception handling routines to PowerPC

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