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Apollo and Amiga OS 3.9page  1 2 3 

Simo Koivukoski
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 137
07 Mar 2017 13:42

Actually 3.10 = licensed 3.1 + Apollo patches.

Use BB2 AmigaOS ROM Update only if you like to use OS 3.9 + ROM 3.9 in the traditional way.

Peter Heginbotham

Posts 24
07 Mar 2017 14:33

I think a better description would be

3.1.1 = licensed 3.1 + Apollo patches
3.10 = licensed 3.1 + AmigaOS 3.9 ROM Update (inc BB) + Apollo patches via maprom function

Simo Koivukoski
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 137
07 Mar 2017 15:15

There is no such thing as 3.1.1 and "3.10" does not contain BB2 AmigaOS ROM 3.9 Updates.
3.A would be more descriptive name than 3.10 for Apollo ROM, but it is named as 3.10.
BB2 AmigaOS ROM 3.9 Update will override Apollo patches from "ROM 3.10 exec". If you want to use OS 3.9 + ROM 3.9 for some reason in the traditional way, you will need fastram patch from SAGA-package for BB2 AmigaOS ROM 3.9 Updates.

Pedro Cotter

Posts 6
07 Mar 2017 17:21

This is getting complicated :-) :-)

What would you suggest for general use and stability we (normal users), should do?   
1 - Install the BB2 Rom Update and patch it
2 - Not install the BB2 Rom Update, in fact delete all Rom Updates from Devs or use NOROMUPDATES

And finally what are the benefits from the 3.10?

Thank you

Simo Koivukoski
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 137
07 Mar 2017 17:39

For general use WB 3.1 + ROM 3.10. Benefits is that it supports all Vampire features.

There will be MapROM for advanced users and they can use what they like the most. Later when everything is ready I hope we can share Apollo modules for Remus users.

Szyk Cech

Posts 97
07 Mar 2017 17:56

In any doubt I recommended to use Kick 1.3 as most reliable, heavily tested, and most compatible with old games. But for recent software I recommended Kick 3.x because its functions modern programmers seems to prefer over the old one... Notable example is AmiAmp. To speed up your kick and whole Amiga I recommended to use TurboBoost. It work perfectly with Vampire only if you install decent heat-shink with good fan... or maybe better will be water-cooler (I don't try it yet).

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