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Performance and Benchmark Results!

CoffinOS R62

Geirmund Eidet

Posts 6
03 Apr 2023 21:45

What could be the reason for slight decrease in IDE speed after changing from R59 to R62 on the very same V2 500+ board, very same A500 MB, and the same CF SANDISK EXTREME UDMA 32GB ?

Yes, I tried fastest IDE speed setting, but still only 8.3 MB/sec when I experienced high 9 MB/ sec on R59.

What can I do to increase IDE speed to kick it above 10 MB/sec ? What are the gamechanging parameters ? Any specific CF card I should try ?
Or is it more the settings, formating and filesystem ?

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 6193
06 Apr 2023 07:39

Did you also update/flash the FPGA core?

Geirmund Eidet

Posts 6
10 Apr 2023 19:25

No I did not.
  I did not consider it realistic that IDE performance would become slower with a new CoffinOS release under the same core as used on previous CoffinOS releases.
  If I can expect an IDE performance increase then I will give it a shot with core update. Can you confirm that this is what I can expect ?

EDIT! OK i did flash to 2.16 now, but still no speedup. 8.3 MB/sec IDE speed.

Any suggestions for cranking it up a bit ?

Geirmund Eidet

Posts 6
12 Apr 2023 21:21

OK as said I now flashed to core 2.16. Speed was the same on this setup regardless of core.
The CF adapter and CF card I am using.
- CF-IDE44/2.0 ADAPTER V.B1 DMA/Panel LED/
- Sandisk EXTREME 32 GB 120 MB/sec UDMA7 (made in Thailand)
Result 8.3 MB/sec with CoffinOS R62

I then tested my alternative setup:
- The IDE to SD adapter I got with my Vampire
- Sandisk adapter with a Sandisk EXTREME 64GB Micro SDXC V30 I 3 A2
Result 8.9 MB/sec with CoffinOS R62

Link to SD card type:
EXTERNAL LINK  Link to CF card type:
It is not that I am outraged or deeply dissatisfied, its a good performance. But I see when running video demanding tasks CLEARLY the IDE is the bottleneck.

I would be greatful to recieve suggestions for how I can increase the speed to beyond 10 MB/sec.

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