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Ffplay With AMMX Support?

Cego 1200

Posts 44
04 Apr 2021 20:31

So i was playing around with ffmpeg on my Mac and got the crazy idea to restream the Revision videostream to my Amiga via UDP, while converting it to MPEG1, 320x180 on-the-fly.

To play networks streams on the A1200, there's only one option and that is ffplay.
It worked (kinda), but i had some heave "PES packet size mismatch" errors. The video had a lot of glitches and lags. But i guess there was some error on my side with the ffmpeg parameters...
Unfortunately the Amiga 68k executable is pretty dated (from 2012) and won't support AMMX.

My question is: Are there any plans to built in AMMX into ffplay? It has the advantage, that it supports almost all recent formats.

Alternatively it would be nice to have UDP/network streaming support in RIVA

Steve Ferrell

Posts 424
04 Apr 2021 23:57

That's a question best asked of the ffmpeg maintainers over at github unless you can find a 68k assembly language coder here to do the work for you.

posts 2