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Performance and Benchmark Results!

Real Time Ray Tracing On Cyclone V (with a SNES)

Ian Parsons

Posts 230
01 Jan 2021 12:21

This is pretty cool.


Sean Sk

Posts 468
01 Jan 2021 14:24

I'll say it is! Impressive work, really enjoyed that. Thanks for sharing.

Nick Fellows

Posts 155
05 Jan 2021 12:27

Given that Amiga had a reputation for CGI ... What would Commodore do to put real-time Ray Tracing in the hands of #TheMany ?

Vampire exceeds all previous Amiga's in performance - at what point do we ask the questions - what is next for the future of the platform?

Andy Hearn

Posts 371
06 Jan 2021 15:43

I love it. feels very.... "amiga'ry" with all the checkerboards and mirrored objects :) it's a single bounce ray calculation, which is enough to get a single reflection, and a correct shadow - but hey, what more do you want?

posts 4