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Vampire A600 V2 Stability Issues

Tim Kovack

Posts 40
02 Aug 2019 04:58


I have a A600 with a Vampire 2.  Had it working ok a few years ago, though it was a little unstable.  Thought it was due to overheating and I wasn't using screws on it at the time.  Would crash on occasion but a reset would sort it for a while.  I think it got worse in the summer.  I just got it connected and it locks up like crazy.  Totally unusable.  Locks up within seconds of using it.  Though when I boot a disk based game it seems to work fine no lockups.  I tried to clean the CPU and reset it multiple times, no change.  Running Core 2.10.  A600 works fine without card, and was recapped 3 years ago. Any ideas?

Simo Koivukoski
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 585
02 Aug 2019 05:17

When PSU, motherboard, etc. are OK, almost always root cause for the instability with V600 is a bad connection on the CPU socket. The pins may be lightly bent at the socket or the 68000, causing a poor contact.

Leigh Russ

Posts 150
03 Aug 2019 00:47

I had similar issues. Sanding down the socket a little made things a little better but still wasn't great.

Only thing that fixed it for me was swapping the socket as the one it comes with is pretty rubbish. Once I done that it solved all my stability issues other than overheating. Added a small fan to blow the hot air out the top of the case and it's now pretty rock solid.

You can see my original thread here which covers the issues and how I fixed them


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