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Questions and Answers for using ATARI TOS / FREE MINT

Only Black Screen

Michael Tieß

Posts 3
23 Dec 2022 12:04

Hi at all,

I've a problem after update my core. At this moment I've flashed standalone_9128B on my Vampire V4 SA and after booting with pressed the fire button on my gamepad I become only a black screen and I don't know why. Have anybody here an idea?


Olivier Landemarre

Posts 147
24 Dec 2022 14:16

  Emutos rom is not more included
  In core, now you need to start emutos with vampiremap
  You can find informations and video here:
  EXTERNAL LINK  It is in french but it is now easy to translate

Michael Tieß

Posts 3
25 Dec 2022 08:27

Ah, Ok. Thanx for info, I will try it later.

posts 3